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David Whippy Book

There is an old saying about the best-laid plans of men and mice – and I seem to be living proof of it.
Despite my best intentions, the blog of my adventures as I began this odyssey never eventuated.

And now, four years after beginning this journey, the book is complete and was launched at the Fiji Museum on 25 July 2018.

The event was very well-attended, with members of the Whippy clan coming in from Sydney, Brisbane, New zealand, Kadavu, and Vanua Levu to join others in Suva.

There are so many people to thank for making this such a memorable evening, and most especially Mr Sipiriano Nemani, the Director of the Fiji Museum, who gave the event his full support and very graciously joined us as the Chief Guest. My sincere thanks also go out to Tokani, the Friends of the Fiji Museum, who sponsored the launch. Mr Vereniki Nalio was our delightful Master of Ceremonies, and Mrs Prakashni Sharma worked tirelessly in the background to make sure everything ran smoothly.

The book is now available in Fiji from the Fiji Museum Book Shop. All other enquiries can be made to until such time as we have an online presence.

Future posts will be my reminiscences of the places I visited and people I met who have made my research so enjoyable and productive.

Vinaka vakalevu to all of you.



  1. John Charles Curtis

    My name is John Curtis and my great grandfather, Captain John Henry Spray has a ship chanderlery shop on the waterfront at Levuka from about 1874 to 1903. My great grandmother ran it with her second husband James Cromar Forbes from about 1890 to 1903, after my great grandfather died.
    So, I will be interested in reading your book.
    I have been to Levuka to visit the shop, which is still there, but not a shop.
    I have found documents for most of the family, but not a death record for John Henry Spray, so it will be interesting to see if your book holds any clews.
    Regards John Curtis

    1. Rebecca

      Hi John
      I believe we have a family connection (of sorts) I’d be interested in looking into. I believe John Henry’s daughter who died in 1907 was the first wife of my great grandfather. After years of searching to find out who she was or if she even existed I’ve finally come across the reference to the Spray family.
      Please contact me if possible.
      Cheers Rebecca

  2. Adrian Whippy

    I have an undiscovered history that I need to learn more about David Whippy..I am Adrian Whippy, born in Suva 1965 and I am 7th generation of the Whippy family, my mother is Australian and met my father Julian Whippy while on holidays in Fiji in 1964.We left Fiji in 1967 and settled in Sydney, since then I have not been back to Fiji and do not know my native tongue, family relatives or Fijian culture.I think it’s time for me to go back home and discover my family and learn about my Ancestors so I can pass this knowledge on to my children.

    1. Post
  3. Kenneth Perry

    Can I buy a copy of the book on Dayid Whippy by Rondo BB Me ?
    I live in the UK.

    Please advise cot etc,


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